عضو باشگاه طرفداران شوید
Iranian Rally is the first iranian competition Reality show movie.

This movie,better said, competition-movie, is produced in the new and attractive "Reality Show" genre ,which, by our explanation, means:

- There is an specific and accurate design and scenario for this movie, which is known just by the director and designer group.

- The interesting part about this genre is that it is unexpected and full of surprise for both the actors and even the producers!

- Everything is real and while the actors unaware of what they have to face, all of those events are designed and under control.

- The Host is noticed about the happenings only hours sooner than the other casts!

-The viewer faces the  "Reality of the Actors" . what goes on around (which is unexpected and completely unknown by them) the actors does not give them the time and chance to play a role!

- The first part of this film which is produced by the investment of private parties, will be released in 3 DVDs soon.